June 7th @ 10am » Central Park, Huntington Beach

Walk with us and 30 other teams this upcoming Saturday for an all day event. We are walking in the Relay For Life by the American Cancer Society. It's going to be a beautiful sunny day in the mid 80's. Bring chairs, shade and sunscreen! We will have water, food and a huge tent.

Opening Ceremony » 10am

The Opening Ceremony brings everyone together for a high-energy event kickoff to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, to inspire hope by sharing recent accomplishments and progress, and to remind everyone that while we are winning this battle, fighting cancer is a year-round priority.

Roaring 20's Lap » 11am

Survivors Lap » 10:45am

During the Survivors Lap, upbeat music plays as all cancer survivors at the event take the first lap around the track cheered on by the other participants who line the track, celebrating their victory over cancer.

Red White & Blue Lap » 12:30pm

Miss Relay Lap (Males only) » 2pm

Water Gun Lap » 3:45pm

Fight Back Lap » 5:00pm

Do It Yourself Photobooth #RFLHB2014 » 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Luminaria Ceremony » 9:00pm

The Luminaria Ceremony is a time to remember people we have lost to cancer, to support people who currently have cancer, and to honor people who have fought cancer in the past. The power of this ceremony lies in providing an opportunity for people to work through grief and find hope.

Glowstick Lap » 1:00am

Pajama Lap » 4:00am

Coffee Mug Lap » 6:00am

Closing Ceremony » 8:00am

The Closing Ceremony is a time to remember the lives of those lost and to celebrate that each of us has committed, through our participation in a Relay event, to fight back against this disease over the next year.